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21st Century Schools

21st Century Schools

Three students working on a project

21st Century Schools is more than a building programme

It is a long term strategic investment in our educational estate throughout Wales. It is a unique collaboration between Welsh Government, the Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA), local authorities, colleges and dioceses.


The delivery of the first investment phase (Band A) will continue until March 2019.  A second wave of investment, Band B, is under development and will commence in April 2019.

11 October 2018
Urdd Gobaith Cymru will provide the match funding of £2.75 million.
13 August 2015
Business cases map to the stages of development of your project and provide break points that enable key decisions to be made.
14th April 2011
Changes to school provision, in the form of statutory school organisation proposals, are often necessary as part of local authority plans within the 21st Century Schools and Education Capital Programme.
5th May 2011
A Forest School ethos informs the outdoor teaching at Maes Y Llan and the way the grounds have been developed reflect this.
13 August 2015
Branding, press notices and key acknowledgement statements are included here.
15th February 2011
Practical guidance to help with understanding what can be done to make schools more environmentally sustainable, with a focus on reducing energy use and CO2 emissions, and improving the school environment.