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About Us

About Us

A school playground

21st Century Schools and Education Programme – much more than just a building programme

It is a major, long-term and strategic capital investment programme, creating educational communities in Wales which are fit for the 21st century.

The 21st Century School and Education Programme represents the largest infrastructure investment in our schools and colleges since the 1960s, and is being delivered in partnership with our key stakeholders. It will make sure that funding resources are focused on the right schools and colleges in the right places, for early years through to post-16.

The delivery of the first investment phase (Band A) continuing until March 2019, will maintain focus on:

  • reduction of poor condition school buildings
  • provision of the right number of places in the right places to serve local pupil demand by reducing surplus capacity, and addressing specific Welsh medium and Faith based provision needs
  • reduction of running costs so as to maximise resources available to target improvements to learner outcomes 
  • promoting sustainability through reducing recurrent costs, energy consumption and carbon emissions.

It will see a £1.4 billion investment in education throughout all 22 Local Authority areas in Wales, resulting in the rebuild and refurbishment of over 150 schools and colleges, which have been prioritised by our delivery partners.

A second wave of investment, Band B, is under development and will commence in April 2019.  Once again key stakeholders will be given the opportunity to identify priority projects for investment in their individual areas.

Building on the success of Band A it will focus on:

  • addressing growth in demand for Welsh medium education
  • reducing surplus capacity and inefficiency in the system
  • expansion of schools and colleges in areas of increased demand for educational services
  • addressing condition of educational assets
  • making assets available for community use where demand exists, to optimise the infrastructure and resources for public services.

Programme delivery of Band A has benefited from collaborative working with our delivery partners listed below, which will continue through Band B:

In partnership, we aim to create school environments that meet the needs of the community and provide the best learning provision for all areas in Wales.

Programme Governance

To oversee the rollout of the Programme the Programme Board, comprising representatives of all our delivery partners, meets on a quarterly basis.

The Capital Investment Panel meets on a monthly basis to consider and recommend business cases for investment, which are then subject to final Cabinet Secretary approval.

Approval of capital grant from Welsh Government is subject to submission of business cases. This is in line with the HM Treasury Better Business Cases model.

For more information about the business case process visit the Applying for Funding section.

For more information on the Programme Board and Capital Investment Panel visit the Programme Governance in this section.