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Constructing Excellence in Wales and 21st Century Schools

Constructing Excellence in Wales and 21st Century Schools

We have commissioned Constructing Excellence in Wales (CEW) to maximise the impact and value of the investment made through the 21st Century Schools Programme.

CEW are focusing specifically on optimising the design, procurement and delivery of the 21st Century Schools Programme and maximising long and short term value for money during the life of Band A of the programme and in readiness for Band B in 2018.

We aim to:

  • deliver greater consistency and certainty of delivery across Wales
  • reduce capital and revenue costs
  • drive collaboration and better practices
  • provide greater social, environmental and economic benefits
  • support delivery of improved educational outcomes.

By working with CEW we can achieve this by :

  • optimising design standards
  • optimising procurement processes
  • optimising delivery models.

To deliver this work, practices and findings from across the UK, Europe and globally are being considered as well as those from Wales. This requires a thorough and comprehensive review of cost and qualitative data and an extensive programme of stakeholder engagement and consultation.

Regular communication on project progress and current best practices will be made available via the CEW website (external link), newsletter and periodic events. Formal updates and guidance will be made available via this website.