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Applying for funding

Applying for funding

High School

Find out what business case you will need to submit and how it should be submitted to secure capital funding for your 21st Century Schools and Education Programme project.

All Local Authorities, Further Education and Higher Education institutions i.e. delivery partners, seeking funding as part of the 21st Century Schools and Education Programme, are required to submit Business Cases for any capital investment proposals. Funding for the Programme is provided by delivery partners and Welsh Government. Business cases that are received provide Welsh Government with:

  • evidence to support decision making within each project
  • assurance both for Welsh Government and all delivery partners on value for money and deliverability of these capital investment projects.

Business cases

Business Case submissions for the 21st Century Schools and Education Programme are required to use the Better Business Case guidance as set out in HM Treasury Green Book. The Programme has tailored guidance and templates; to access please go to our business case and publicity guidance. Please also refer to our business case checklist and timeline for guidance on what essential information to include in business cases and the overall assessment process. The first stage of this submission process is at programme level. Here the Strategic Outline Programme (SOP) should set out the programme parameters, funding streams, key projects and delivery aspirations.

For more information about this process please visit the ‘Strategic Outline Programme’ section.

Following identification of the key projects in the SOP, a business case is required for each individual project. The type of business case submission is dependent on the total project cost.

Business cases above £5 million total project cost

Those business cases that are above the £5 million total project cost, need to follow the full business case process. This consists of three stages which are:

  • Strategic Outline Case (SOC)
  • Outline Business Case (OBC)
  • Full Business Case (FBC).

For guidance on this process visit the ‘Full Business Case Process’ section.

Business cases below £5 million total project cost

Any projects that are below the £5m total project cost will not need to follow the full business case process. However a Business Justification Case (BJC) will be required.

For guidance on this process visit the ‘Business Justification Case Process’ section.