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Business justification case process

Business justification case process

Proposals for projects that are under £5 million total funding investment need to be submitted as a business justification case (BJC).

These submissions require the inclusion of the five cases which are dealt with in more detail in higher cost projects, these are:

  • Strategic Case
    • How does the proposal fit strategically with government/local priorities?
    • What is the case for change and are there clear SMART investment objectives?
  • Economic Case
    • What are the options for delivering the investment objectives and which one optimises value for money?
  • Commercial Case
    • How can a deal be done with delivery agents?
    • What are the procurement strategy and the commercial arrangements for the proposed investment?
    • What is the Community Benefits plan?
  • Financial Case
    • Is the proposal affordable?
    • What are the sources of match funding and what is the accounting treatment of the investment
  • Management Case
    • How will the successful delivery of the scheme and whole life benefits be managed?

A suggested format for this information is as follows:

  • Purpose
  • Strategic context
  • Case for change
  • Available options
  • Preferred option
  • Procurement route
  • Funding and affordability
  • Management arrangements

A benefits template, project information proforma and cost template also need to be completed as part of the business case process.

For more guidance and information on the format detailed above, please refer to our Business Case and publicity guidance.