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A good brief is at the core of successful project delivery, it communicates the scheme’s required outputs and forms an integral part of the design and the process.

The complexity of the briefing documentation depends on the project and could comprise a number of separate documents. On a schools project the brief will need to provide some guidance on the school’s Vision & Ethos. This will cover educational outputs as well as space requirements and practical construction limitations such as site layout or retained existing buildings.

The importance of a good briefing process is described in publications specifically aimed at local authorities, schools and governors e.g. by the RIBA, CABE, DCfW and others, links to which can be found below.

Please read the Briefing Template with examples to guide you. A number of guidance documents also exist to help determine the provision required in schools.

The most well known of these are BB98, 99 and 102. However, there are also other valuable guidance documents which can be reviewed by topic.

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The statutory framework for school buildings and design in Wales falls under three broad headings