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Additional funding for every Band 4 and 5 school announced by Minister

Additional funding for every Band 4 and 5 school announced by Minister

Band 4 and 5 secondary schools in Wales are set to receive £10,000 to secure improvements in standards and performance, Education Minister Leighton Andrews has announced today.

This is the second year that funding of this kind has been made available. In order to access the funding schools will have to submit clear action plans with improvement targets to their local consortia.

Banding uses the performance of schools to group them into one of five bands – from Band 1, schools which are performing well, to Band 5 schools which need to improve. Information about how well 15-16-year-olds have performed in examinations, and information about their level of attendance is used to band schools.

In total 60 band 4 and 24 band 5 schools giving a total of 84 secondary schools in Wales will benefit from this additional funding which totals £840,000.

Leighton Andrews said:

“I have made a clear commitment to raising standards and performance in schools in Wales, improving levels of literacy and numeracy and reducing the impact of poverty on educational attainment.

“The robust data we’ve made available through the Banding system gives us and parents a clear picture of how our schools are performing and provides us with the information we need to challenge schools who are not delivering for our young people in Wales.

“We’ve seen schools in Bands 4 and 5 last year make real progress. This funding will go a long way in helping schools which are in those Bands this year deliver improvements for their learners.”