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Building Collaboration across Wales (November 2010)

Building Collaboration across Wales (November 2010)

The construction industry has long been recognised as both an indicator of the condition of the economy, as a potential medium for stimulating economic regeneration.

Historically the largest expenditure area for local authority procurement has contributed to the provision of numerous new building projects, refurbishments and the maintenance of existing assets.  There is however, widespread concern that funding has fallen short of requirements to maintain the current levels of services to the public and to improve services for the future.

Added to this, budget cuts are likely to significantly affect Welsh local authority construction expenditure, potentially up to 3% on revenue and 10% on capital received via WAG funding, have resulted in an obvious need to make the best of the diminishing resources and ‘deliver more for less’.

In anticipation of cuts the WLGA has established the Collaborative Works Group.  Initially set up in response to the development of the 21st Century Schools Programme, the group will focus its early activity around this area and aims to support collaborative opportunities across the four local authority regions.  The group will be supporting the regions by:

  • Identifying and facilitating opportunities for collaboration on property, construction and procurement related delivery solutions, promoting standardisation an avoiding duplication;
  • Encouraging innovation, sustainability, the application of best practice and working across professional and regional boundaries in order to achieve the best outcomes.

Membership is wide ranging including local authority officers, Constructing Excellence Wales, Consortium of Local Authorities in Wales, North Wales Procurement Partnership, Welsh Purchasing Consortium and Value Wales.

After meeting a handful of times the group is preparing their forward programme outlining its activities and priorities.  Further information is available from Chris Chapman at