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This page highlights some of the many school projects that have taken place or are proposed in Wales and elsewhere.

Projects include primary, secondary and special schools, both new build and refurbished.

“Video conferencing facilities allow the school to establish links and share lessons with other schools in the UK and abroad. The school also has its own TV and recording studio, which will allow pupils to develop their presentation skills.  The technology rich environment places Nant Celyn Primary School at the cutting edge of teaching and learning.” - Nant Celyn Primary School, Torfaen

“Careful consideration has also been given to the interior of the school, so that noise from corridors and neighbouring classrooms does not carry through to other areas of the school. As a result, pupils are not distracted by background noise and teachers do not have to strain their voices to be heard.” - Rogiet Primary School, Monmouthshire

“With new facilities, the School is now able to build on existing links within the community and further develop these by offering the facilities to the public for use after school.” Cowbridge Comprehensive School

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It takes into account the need for local priorities and flexibility.