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Hawarden High School, Flintshire

Hawarden High School, Flintshire

The High School has an extensive natural woodland area within its grounds.

Known as The Dell, the area is used for learning across the school.  As part of their induction in Year 7 every pupil is involved in practical projects in The Dell.

This activity is led by a retired teacher who supervises the students in small, personalised groups. The year 7 environmental experience sets out to challenge pupils’ attitudes to their relationship with the environment, starting with a discussion of global concerns,  moving on to hands on work on the school wildlife and habitat site alongside gaining some understanding of its history and of the species found in the Dell. Some Year 7 groups also visit Hawarden Farm shop to learn about localised food production and supply.


Work on the site is integrated into Schemes of Work with science, geography and art lessons being taken outside.  Pond dipping and pitfall traps are part of the practical work.  ASDAN students work in the grounds as part of their curriculum, for example building the green houses in the quads.  Year 8s have an environment day whilst the Year 7s have an ESDGC day, formalised within the wider curriculum. The work in the Dell is seen as key to the life of the school and is generally undertaken in the school day, including days where the curriculum is suspended and practical work takes place outside.