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Cowbridge Comprehensive School

Cowbridge Comprehensive School

The successful redevelopment of Cowbridge Comprehensive School represents the realisation of the first stage of the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s Schools Investment Strategy with the delivery of a modern, fit for purpose educational facility.

Cowbridge Comprehensive SchoolAt the heart of the redevelopment was the vision set out by the School which identified the following issues as key to the continued success at Cowbridge:

  • to offer a learner centred provision;
  • to place ICT at the heart of the school;
  • to develop innovative curriculum design;
  • to build sustainability into our plans for the future;
  • to develop a community focused, inclusive provision.

These key issues remained central throughout the design and construction process and the resulting new build along with the refurbished building provide the school with the facilities required for educational delivery in the 21st Century.

With new facilities, the School is now able to build on existing links within the community and further develop these by offering the facilities to the public for use after school.

The design has created a new heart to the school whilst developing a real campus feel.  With the co-location onto the Aberthin Road site the school is now able to realise the vision to develop innovative curriculum design enabling the cross function of ideas between subjects.

Internally the new build offers flexible learning spaces, from fully equipped laboratories, sports hall and fitness studio to state of the art main hall.  The building provides the ability to timetable subjects in any number of rooms and locations around the school, providing an additional level of flexibility, supported by the provision of ICT throughout the building.Cowbridge Comprehensive school internal

The new school design has addressed some of the issues experienced in older schools in relation to circulation during lesson change over periods, reducing the length of corridors and increasing the width.  Supervision during these times is aided by the location of 'Head of Year' and 'Head of Department' offices, enabling passive supervision throughout the day. These spaces can also be used as exhibition space for subjects such as Art, English and Design Technology.

The development of the external environment was given equal importance during the design process, as opportunities for external learning and teaching were identified as key components of any redevelopment by staff and pupils alike.